TRC Technology Training Planning Survey

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The Technology Resource Center is interested in finding out what types of technology training faculty and staff are interested in, and in finding the most available times for technology training to occur.

Be advised that we will not be able to fulfill all requests for training, but are seeking to discover where people need the most help. Your input is essential for us to evaluate which types of training would benefit the most people.

Please indicate the styles of training you prefer.
We understand that days will vary depending on your class schedule. However, we will make an attempt to offer the same training on more than one day.
Again, we understand that times may vary depending on the day.
Please indicate above any areas you think would be valuable to learn more about. These could be hardware or software related, could be related to the use of classroom technology, or any other type of work-related technology used.
In the area above, please list the software that you use most often while completing work-related tasks.
List any issues or problems with the software you use most often.
In the area above, please list any additional hardware you use in completing work-related tasks. Please exclude your assigned computer, monitors, keyboards, mice, and printers. This should be any special hardware used, such as scanners, smartboards or other media equipment used in classrooms, etc.
List any issues or problems with the hardware you use most often. This could also include problems with your assigned computer.
Use the space above for any additional comments or questions you have for the Technology Resource Center.